Additional Collective Agreement Updates WRH/OPSEU 101

Good Evening Everyone.

Thank you for your patience with implementing our new collective agreement.

Here are the most recent updates.

Lump sum payments for Part Time vacation is targeted to be paid out June 8,2017 pay.  There will be the in lieu premium (12% or 14%) applied to the lump sum payment. Part time employees are still eligible to take their vacation time they are no longer paid for individual days off and are coded as Vacation Unpaid because of the annual lump sum payment.

  • Any remaining hours in a members overtime bank will be paid out Sept 28,2017.
  • Wage grid advancement at 1650 hours for Part Time members will be targeted for payout June 8,2017.  Any wage grid movement will be retroactive back to Feb. 5,2017.
  • There will be an open enrollment period for all Part time staff to enroll for benefits during the month of May.  The premium costs will be available at that time. Further information to come.
  • The percent in lieu of benefits for the Pharmacy Tech’s at Ouellette, former non union members and temporary employees will be on a separate retro payment at the end of the open enrollment period for benefits (June 8,2017).
  • Dental claims are paid directly to the member and can no longer be paid directly to the dentist.
  • Holiday Pay adjustments for Part Time employees who worked the Family Day Holiday and Good Friday will not be captured in the April 27th retro payment.  It should be on the June 8th retro payment.
  • All changes in benefits have been built in the Greenshield plan as of March 16,2017.
  • Changes in call back premium (former Xray/Lab members) will be retroactive to the date of the award and will be on a separate retro payment.
  • When you are called back to work on standby, only the hours worked should be deducted from your standby premium.  (eg. Called back, worked 2 hours only 2 hours are subtracted from your stand by pay not 4 hours.)
  • Shift rotation (days and afternoons) are in discussion for implementation.  We will keep you posted.

In Solidarity,

Michele Buchanan

1st Vice President OPSEU L.101

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