Reminder-WRH/OPSEU 101 Demand Set Meeting

Windsor Regional Hospital Employees ONLY

Demand Set Meeting

When:  Tuesday March 26, 2019 Dinner will be served at 5:00pm and the meeting will commence at 5:45pm

*** Where: Royal Canadian Legion 1570 Marentette Ave. Windsor ONT ***


1)    Nominations and elections of WRH OPSEU 101 bargaining team (7 members)

2)    Discussion and vote on demands from surveys

**Note: Demands must be presented in order to be voted on. **

Demand Set Meetings/Gift Cards


 Demand Set Meeting(s)

 Just a reminder of the Demand set meetings next week

 The Demand set meeting for Windsor Regional Hospital(Met & Ouellette Sites) Members is on October 14th, please click here for more details.

 The Demand set meeting for Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare(Tayfour Campus and Crisis Program) Members is October 15th, please click here for more details. 

 The Demand Set is an extremely important meeting to attend as it will guide your respective negotiating teams in bargaining. 

 You must be in attendance to present your demand. There may be a demand that could affect you and this is your opportunity to vote. 

 Demands are voted on democratically by those who are in attendance at the meeting. 

 Gift Cards

 For the members who have not yet picked up their gift cards, they will be available at both demand set meetings prior to the start of the meeting. Please come early to  claim your prize. 

OPSEU 101 Demand Set Survey

To all members of OPSEU Local 101,

 Both Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare and Windsor Regional Hospital will be entering into Contract Negotiations with OPSEU Local 101 soon.

In preparation for bargaining, we are asking you to print and  complete the attached Demand Set survey (links are below)

 This will guide the Negotiating Team(s) in the upcoming Demand Set Meetings

 Please note that the Demand set surveys must be returned by Friday October 3, 2014

 Windsor Regional Hospital Employees

 If you are a Windsor Regional Hospital Employee, please click here to download your Demand Set survey.

 The Demand Set meeting for Windsor Regional Hospital will be held on Tuesday October 14, 2014. For more information, click here.

 Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare Employees

 If you are a Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare Employee, please click here to download your Demand set survey

 The Demand Set Meeting for Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare will be held on Wednesday October 15, 2014. For more information, click here.

 In Solidarity,

 OPSEU Local 101