OPSEU Vote Better Campaign

Message from Len Elliott, OPSEU Region 1 Regional Vice President

Hello Sisters and Brothers of Region 1,

I am writing with 1 week left to vote before Election Day on June 7th!
I want to encourage you to pass along the message of get out and vote and share OPSEU’s website, with our members, comparing the platforms.
Here are 2 links with the information:
https://opseu.org/votebetter <https://opseu.org/votebetter> will give you more information to help with your decision and on the platform page, https://opseu.org/download-platform-and-issue-sheets <https://opseu.org/download-platform-and-issue-sheets> you can find documents on specific topics.

I believe in a platform that supports all of our 155,000 OPSEU members and the Public Services we so proudly deliver to the citizens of Ontario. Thats why on the tele town hall 2 nights ago I announced that not only had I already voted but that I voted for the NDP!
Their platform is the only platform that not only supports our members and the services we deliver but goes further by seeking to expand services and making Ontario a better place for all of us to live.

OPSEU “VoteBetter” campaign is encouraging all of our member to get out and vote and so you should receive a call from a Region 1 mobilizer encouraging you to vote and chat about the platforms.
Our mobilizers are:
Dana Copeland
Colm Kieran
Jennifer Ganley
Thank you to all 3 of them for all of their hard work during this campaign.

You can find me on Twitter with @lenelliott and follow my tweets from various events around the Region.
Get out and Vote!! VoteBetter!!
In solidarity