OPSEU 101-WRH Contract Update

Hello Everyone!

The 2016-2019 collective agreement has been ratified by the Employer.

Some of the changes contained in the collective agreement need a little lead time to implement.

Part Time scheduling by seniority and the change to 12 hours required to be scheduled off between shifts will begin with the posted schedule on May 18th which covers the period of June 16th to June 29th and continues on a go forward basis.

PT staff will be contacted in the next couple of weeks by their managers to get their shift commitment. This is your opportunity to let the employer know your ideal number of shifts. The minimum PT commitment is 4 shifts per pay and you can request up to 10 shifts per pay which will be allocated by seniority. Remember, ALL part time staff are guaranteed 4 shifts per pay.

Overtime by seniority will begin immediately unless it has already been scheduled.

Increases to vacation entitlements for those who are eligible are a work in progress and we will let you know when to expect to see those changes implemented.

Further updates on when to expect to see your wage rate increase and retroactivity to come.

In solidarity,

Michele Buchanan
1st Vice President OPSEU L.101

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