2019 Labour Day Gift Card Winners

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Happy Labour Day From Opseu Local 101

(Dates, Times and Locations for Gift Card pickup will be posted this week)

2019 Labour Day Draw Winners

  1. MaryAnn Denunzio
  2. Jessica Yablonsky
  3. Robert Cusinato
  4. Adelina Greco
  5. Rojin Golbaz
  6. Brittany Meloche
  7. Anita Gyemi
  8. Hailey Bondy
  9. Joya Germainese
  10. Dorothy O’Neil
  11. Sean Brewer
  12. Daniel Broderick
  13. Jose Martinez
  14. Jaclyn Litynsky
  15. Katherine Nicholson
  16. Jacqueline Parent
  17. Andelija Savic
  18. Guy Meseck
  19. Christina Hindi
  20. Christine Nowabicka
  21. Megan Wasyluc
  22. Karen Bondy
  23. Sridevi Kanneganti
  24. Shawana Williams
  25. Radmila Talic
  26. Michelle Sullivan
  27. Nancy Bencak
  28. Sharron Aaron
  29. Melissa Barkley
  30. Karen Lori Mederios
  31. Ray Ellwood
  32. Lindy Leduc-Wilson
  33. Kyla Hansman
  34. Anne Mclaughlin
  35. Lauren Tienhaara
  36. Natalie Toukan
  37. Lisa Pinsonneault
  38. Danie Martineau
  39. Kelly Allan
  40. Christine Suzor
  41. Melissa Thorton
  42. Therese Charbonneau
  43. Cindy Garrick-Paradis
  44. Jenny Riggi
  45. Christine Cacciato
  46. Hailey King
  47. Jennifer Nugent
  48. Sylvia Warda
  49. Lori Laughton
  50. Gary VanNest
  51. Patricia Slavik
  52. Christina McClelland
  53. Jennifer Tygat
  54. Amanda Lafrance
  55. Shannon Hutton
  56. Alina Baltador
  57. Patricia Kiely
  58. Kathlynne Martin
  59. Sjajna Gjeorgevski
  60. Erica Bennett
  61. Leslie Price
  62. Jennifer Sweeney
  63. Christine Sole-Tetreault
  64. Maryann Bender
  65. Paolina Perciealli
  66. Nicole McLean
  67. Jodi Richards
  68. Brittany Drouillard
  69. Joel Ledoux
  70. Diana Semaan
  71. Candice Conkey
  72. Mike Ledoux
  73. Sean Purton
  74. Marilena Pizzo
  75. Claudia Benson
  76. Marla Fata
  77. Sandra Pillon
  78. Mary Chea
  79. Sarah Renaud (Belle River)
  80. Brandon Brown
  81. Elaine Yung
  82. Rachel Hess
  83. Joanna Blok
  84. Shauna Bernardon
  85. Hong Gji
  86. Michelle Dinardo
  87. Kimberly Donais
  88. Tracy Tamm
  89. Edmundo Chacon
  90. Michelle Knezic
  91. Melissa Miller
  92. Marianne Simic
  93. Nancy Burke
  94. Jennifer Fink
  95. Sabrina Confletti
  96. Melissa Azar
  97. Malinda Carlini
  98. Laurie Jones
  99. Dianna Gabriele
  100. Joan Fuerth
  101. Georgia Seifer

2019 OPSEU Scholarship Recipients

OPSEU Local 101 would like to say  thank you to all the  students  who applied for the 2019 OPSEU 101 Scholarship.

There was great effort and consideration put into every application and essay.

Once again thank you for all of your hard work and we wish you all the best in your studies.

Thank you to the 2019 OPSEU 101 Scholarship Committee-Kulwinder Flora, Brenda Hunt and Marco Profetto.

2019 OPSEU 101 Scholarship Recipients

Lindsay Stephen

Mackenzie Beltram

Eric Dale

Brendan Suzor

Ethan MacKinnon

Alexandria Banks

Bianca Dattilo

Ryan Hillman

Trevor Slobodnick

Meghan McGhee

Thomas Magic

Deanna Gidillini

McKenna Silvestro

Naomi Laitinen

Sophia Symons

OPSEU Local 101 Donates Back to the Community

OPSEU Local 101 has chosen this years recipients for Donation. Thanks to all of the hard work of the Donations Committee.

Jen Burton-Liang and Lisa Karns members of the Donation Committee presented cheques to the recipients below.


Maikl Toma accepts $1000 donation for Family Respite Services.
Deb and Marleen accepting $1000 donation for Windsor Essex Brokerage for Personal Supports.
Jayce Carver, Executive Director, accepts $1000 donation for W. E. Trans Support (Windsor Essex Transgender and Allied Support)
Mike Clark, Manager of Public Relations and Fund Development at Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society accepts $1000 donation for the Music and Art Enrichment Program.
Cheryl Huczel from Autism Services Inc accepts $1000 donation.

Attention Pharmacy Technicians

Please find the most recent Pharmacy Technician reclassification update from HPD OPSEU Central.

Please click –>here

Region 1 Weekend Educational

The next Region 1 Weekend Educational will be held June 8 & 9, 2019, at the OPSEU London Regional Office/Membership Centre. All details, including application form, can be found on the OPSEU website at:  https://opseu.org/event/region-1-weekend-educational-event

April 30 Health Care Rally

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Hello Region 1 Sisters, Brothers and Friends,
We are planning a HUGE Rally At Queens Park! 20,000 plus Ontarians to protect our Health Care!!Please register to make sure you have a seat on the bus!Please REPLY to ALL 3 of us (Philip, Laurie, Len)Friends and family are welcome! Share widely and if we have to get another bus we will…
There will be 2 Buses leaving from Region 1 on April 30th and arriving in Toronto approximately 11:30am.
These are the routes and stops along the way.London Bus: 1092 Dearness Ave. London (OPSEU Office) – 8:00am Arrival and Boarding in LONDON with 8:30am Departure– The bus will stop in Woodstock at parking the lot behind Days Inn at Juliana Drive and Bruin Blvd (dead end street with parking lot on right where members will be waiting)
Windsor Bus: 6:00am Arrival and Boarding in WINDSOR with 6:30am Departure-The Windsor Bus to stop at Highway 401 just South of the Highway at 21633 Communications Rd. Blenheim (Chatham) (Provincial Offence Office)- The bus to stop in London at 1092 Dearness Dr for Food and possible Passengers.

The buses will drop our members off at Queens Park in Toronto!Queens Park Arrivals for ALL buses approx. 11:30Departure from Queens Park approx. 1:30pm (however many buses departing at that time so there may be some delay)
There will be marshals at Queens Park when we arrive guiding buses for drop off.
Thank you and we are looking forward to a great rally with all of the other OPSEU Regions!!If there are any questions or you think of something else please call.In solidarity,Len Elliott519-857-4000
Philip Shearer – 519-494-7301Laurie Nancekivell – 519-280-2151
Actual Schedule of Buses:Windsor Bus Arrangements:6:00am – Boarding of members and food6:30am – Departure from Windsor Sharp7:30am – Windsor Bus WILL Stop at Highway 401 just South of the Highway at 21633 Communications Rd. Blenheim (Chatham)8:30am – Stopping in London for FOOD & possible Passengers11:30am – Arrival at Queens Park1:30pm Departure from Queens Park -Stop in London & Chatham to drop members off on way home6:00pm – Arrival Back in Windsor (approx.)If NO member pick up in London the bus does NOT need to stop in London on way home.
London Bus Arrangements:8:00am – Boarding in London8:30am – Sharp Departure from London9:15am – Bus WILL Stop in Woodstock for member Pick up in parking the lot behind Days Inn at Juliana Drive and Bruin Blvd.11:30am – Arrival at Queens Park1:30pm – Departure from Queens Park (however many buses departing at that time so there may be some delay)3:45pm – Approx. arrival back in LondonBus will stop in Woodstock to drop off members they picked up

Tell Your Story Survey

OPSEU’s Provincial Women’s Committee (PWC) needs your help to get the word out on its “Tell Your Story” survey.  The committee is asking that you please circulate this information throughout your regions and locals.       The survey will be a critical part of the OPSEU campaign to promote awareness and education for women and OPSEU members.  The goal is to recognize and respond to domestic violence and gender-based violence as it relates to women.  The survey will take less than ten minutes of your time: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/79MJK9Y Please respond no later than April 17, 2019.   For any questions, please contact the Equity Unit at equity@opseu.org or Carol Mundley, PWC ​Chair  atcmundley@hotmail.com.

2019 Negotiating Team (WRH)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the WRH Local 101 members that took time from their busy schedules to participate in last night’s Demand Set Meeting.

We have elected a new Negotiating Team which includes – Susan Bonhert-Hamelin, Richard Baillargeon, Katie Deschamps, Tim Den Otter, Lorrie Dunmore, Lisa Mazurek and Theresa St. Denis. Congratulations to all!

The team has direction from the membership on the priorities identified in the Demand Set surveys and those issues brought forward at the meeting to raise during negotiations.

Once negotiations begin we will ask the Team to provide regular updates as to their progress.

Thanks again to all who attended, submitted surveys and also those members who were nominated but not elected to the Negotiating Team for their interest and commitment in pursuing improvements to our Collective Agreement!

In Solidarity,

Michele Buchanan

1st Vice President OPSEU L. 101

OPSEU 101 Scholarships

We are pleased to announce our annual Scholarship applications are available.

For more information and to apply, please click –>here.

Reminder-WRH/OPSEU 101 Demand Set Meeting

Windsor Regional Hospital Employees ONLY

Demand Set Meeting

When:  Tuesday March 26, 2019 Dinner will be served at 5:00pm and the meeting will commence at 5:45pm

*** Where: Royal Canadian Legion 1570 Marentette Ave. Windsor ONT ***


1)    Nominations and elections of WRH OPSEU 101 bargaining team (7 members)

2)    Discussion and vote on demands from surveys

**Note: Demands must be presented in order to be voted on. **