OPSEU Region 1 Educational September 23/24, 2017

There will be an OPSEU Region 1 Weekend Educational which will be held on September 23 & 24, 2017 in London.

All OPSEU Local 101 members are eligible to apply.

For details and course descriptions, please click here.

2017 OPSEU Local 101 Scholarship Recipients

OPSEU Local 101 would like to say  thank you to all the  students  who applied for the 2017 OPSEU 101 Scholarship.

There was great effort and consideration put into every application and essay.

Once again thank you for all of your hard work and we wish you all the best in your studies.

Thank you to the 2017 OPSEU 101 Scholarship Committee-Kulwinder Flora, Brenda Hunt and Sherry Hill

2017 OPSEU 101 Scholarship Recipients

Grant Hillman
Makenzie Lauzon
Brianna Laitinen
Brianna Pelle
Stephanie Pinsonneault
Jamie Nicholson
Caleb Hooper
Julia Rajsigl
Celeste Giovanatti
Arianna Milani
Taya Guarnaccia
Diana Magic
Avery Walpole

OPSEU Local 101 2017 Donation Recipients

Donation Committee Members L-R Ivana Dunn, Manmander Matharu and Jennifer Burton-Liang

OPSEU Local 101 is proud to  donate $5000 per year to  Charitable Organizations.

The Donation Committee has worked very diligently reviewing and researching requests from local charitable organizations.

As a result of their meticulous work, they have selected the following organizations;

We thank the Donations Committee for volunteering their time in selecting these organizations.

Cheques were presented to the various representatives of these organizations.

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to these charitable organizations for their work in enriching the lives of many of our residents in the Windsor and Essex County area.

Below are pictures of the presentations on May 9, 2017 to the various charitable organizations.

Presentation of $500.00 donation to Downtown Mission L-R Ivana Dunn, Manmander Matharu, Ron Dunn (Downtown Mission) and Jennifer Burton-Liang


Presentation of $500.00 donation to Harmony in Action L-R Jennifer Burton-Liang, Ivana Dunn, Anita Riccio-Spagnuolo (Harmony in Action) and Manmander Matharu

Presentation of $500.00 donation to the United Way of Windsor Essex. L-R Manmander Matharu, Jennifer Burton-Liang and Lorraine Goddard (United Way Windsor Essex)

Presentation of $500.00 donation to the Windsor Goodfellows. L-R Manmander Matharu, Ivana Dunn and Bruce Tait (Windsor Goodfellows)


Presentation of $500.00 donation to Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women (W5) L-R Ivana Dunn, Manmander Matharu, Amina Philbert-Ives (W5), Philippine Ishak (W5) and Jennifer Burton-Liang


Presentation of $1000.00 donation to Windsor Pride Community Education and Resource Center. L-R Jennifer Burton-Liang, R.J. (Bob) Williams (Windsor Pride), Manmander Matharu and Ivana Dunn


Presentation of $1000.00 donation to the Windsor Worker’s Education Centre. L-R Jennifer Burton-Liang, Ivana Dunn, Representative from Windsor Worker’s Education Centre, Paul Chislett (Windsor Worker’s Education Centre) and Manmander Matharu.

Apply To Attend the 2016 OPSEU Human Rights Conference

Human Rights

Event Date

Friday, November 18, 2016 – 7:00pm to Sunday, November 20, 2016 – 12:00pm

OPSEU’s Equity Committees and Caucuses invite you to submit your application to attend the 2016 OPSEU Human Rights Conference: “New Realities, Different Directions.” We look forward to meeting you!

This event can accommodate approximately 115 members who will be selected to participate in the conference by the Human Rights Conference Planning Committee. The selection process will endeavour to invite a diverse group of attendees, representative of the many groups within our membership and their distribution among our regions. We are aiming for a rich mix of backgrounds and points of view among the participants.

The conference will focus on the impact of current immigration laws within the labour movement. The topics explored will include, but are not limited to, discussions on key human rights issues such as islamophobia and the criminalization and exploitation of racialized communities. In addition, participants will also be asked to think critically about current misconceptions surrounding migrant workers, immigrants and refugees. The overall goal will be for participants to go home with ideas for immediate action in their communities.

Do not miss this opportunity to network, learn, share experiences and have some fun.  Please submit your completed application by e-mail to humanrightsconference@opseu.org or fax to the Equity Unit no later than midnight, September 5, 2016. Please note that we will be using an anonymous selection process and will be applying the criteria as set out on pages 5 – 7 of this application. Confirmation will be issued to the selected participants in September. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Download the Call package: Human Rights Conference Call Package.pdf

OPSEU Staff Need Your Support

Please click link below to read letter from OPSEU Staff who are members of OPSSU (Ontario Public Service Staff Union). These staff are Union members who work on behalf of OPSEU. 


Letter from OPSSU(Ontario Public Service Staff Union)