November 20, 2017 General Membership Meeting Reminder

This is just a friendly reminder!!

Attention upcoming General Membership Meeting, please see below for more details. Please note the venue change

When: Monday November 20, 2017. Dinner will be served at 5:00pm and the meeting will commence at 5:45pm-???

*** Where: Royal Canadian Legion 1570 Marentette Ave. Windsor ONT ***

For meal planning purposes, we are asking members to submit their names prior to November 17, 2017. You can indicate whether you intend to attend the dinner by clicking on this link and submitting your name.

Meeting Agenda:
Swearing-In of new stewards
Nominations and Election of new executives for local 101
Nominations and Election of Convention (5) delegates and (5) alternates (Convention will be held in Toronto April 18-21 2017)
Nominations and Election of committee members -Scholarship(3), Donation(3) and Health and Safety at Ouellette Campus(1)
Nominations and Election of Trustees (2)
Approval of 2018 Budget
Other Business

Hope to see you all there!!!

WRH-Information relating to Part Time OPSEU Vacation Bank Payout

For Part Time OPSEU staff who previously accrued vacation and received a payout for June 8, 2017:

The vacation accruals that were paid out on June 8, 2017 were what was in your vacation bank as of April 21, 2017.  We chose that date as it is a pay end date and May 1 was in the middle of a pay period.  There is a difference as to what was showing on your last pay statement for vacation accruals and what was paid out as a result of using the April 21 date.  In the system, the change to stop any accruals was not made until after May 1, so anytime accrued between April 21 and May 1 and appeared on your vacation accruals needed to be subtracted from the vacation payout amounts.   Also, if any paid vacation time was taken between April 21 and May 19 and paid, this amount was subtracted from your payout.  Next year’s Vacation payouts will be calculated starting April 22nd, 2017 to ensure all hours worked are accounted for.



WRH/OPSEU Local 101 Update on HOOPP Contributions

HOOPP contributions on retroactive pay settlements are required for both the employee portion and the employer portion.  Only payments relating to prior years are considered retroactive payments. This means that any payment received in the current year, for prior years, is considered a retro. Any payment received in the current year, for the current year, is considered an adjustment to current year contributions, and is not considered retro.

WRH will provide HOOPP with details of the payments made for member contributions that have been deducted for each year of the retro payment, similar to what the hospital is required to do for current year contributions.  Contributions on any retro payment will need to be reported separately from regular current year contributions.  These payments will NOT provide you with additional years of service however will increase your annualized earnings for the year in which the contributions are for.  This may in turn impact your 5 best years of service which is used to calculate your pension at retirement.

Retroactive payments received by a member after they have retired and begun receiving a HOOPP pension are considered pensionable earnings and are subject to pension contributions.
WRH will submit those contributions to HOOPP and they will then recalculate a retired member’s pension to include the retroactive settlement.


WRH/OPSEU 101 New Updates

Further Updates

Good afternoon Sisters and Brothers.  In an attempt to keep everyone up to date on the progress of implementing the new Collective Agreement, I wish to advise of the following;

Wages– Any wage changes will be seen on the March 16th pay with the retroactive pay on the April 27th pay.  Any questions with regard to wage changes can be directed to Sharon Morris in the H.R. department and NOT to the payroll department.  Sharon will get back to members as soon as she is able however again we ask for patience as we make our way through.

Scheduling–  Effective immediately, Supervisors/Managers are asked to review any posted schedule for any violation with regard to the 14 or 16 hours between shifts.  Where schedules are in violation of this, the employee will be contacted to ask if they wish to have their schedule changed in order to comply.  I have asked that where the employee is in agreement to allow the violation, that they sign a document indicating this so as to avoid any issues.   This is the same with regard to the equalization of hours for the part time folks within the working unit.  Managers will need to review and attempt to equalize as much as possible with posted schedules, keeping in mind that equalization is over a 6 week posted schedule.  As schedules are already posted, we are mindful that employees may have already made plans according to the posted schedule.  EFFECTIVE March 24th, all schedules must follow the new scheduling rules.   Again, we expect some bumps as we make our way through as for some groups, this is a new process.

Just a reminder as well, that full time can no longer give away shifts and part time can switch shifts however will have to be formally requested and approved and must follow the equalization process. As well, there should always be at least 4 weeks of schedule up 2 weeks ahead of time.

Employees can be scheduled up to 6 consecutive days, and if scheduled 6 consecutive days, you must be scheduled 2 consecutive days off.  The language does allow for mutual agreement to be scheduled more than 6 days.  As well, where there is mutual agreement, employees can be scheduled 9 days in one pay period and 11 in another however again it is by mutual agreement.  If you do not want to be scheduled longer than 6 or 9/11 then you have the right to request what the Collective Agreement dictates.

Rotation of shifts—As per the new language, where there is more than 1 shift in a work unit, all shifts, excluding midnights, will be rotated equitably.  As per the Contract, the Union and Employer will be meeting on April 10th to review any positions that have not been rotated through previously and the impact of the new language.  Rotation through these shifts will not change until such time that we have had to opportunity to review the impact.

Part time Benefits—For those part time employees who are currently receiving benefits, will continue as we are waiting back from the Insurance company with an end date.  We will then advise those employees of the changeover date in as much advance as possible.  As well, we are looking at an open enrollment for all part time.  More information to follow.

Part Time Vacation–  Concern has been raised with regard to part time vacation as some employees receive a lump sum, while others receive paid vacation time.  Of issue is the accrual of seniority as those that receive paid vacation accrue seniority, and those that receive lump sums, do not receive seniority on the lump sum.  The Union and Employer are reviewing this at the moment to decide on the impact of this as equalization of hours is being put into place, and the impact of paying those part time that are currently receiving paid vacation time a lump sum.  We are actively looking into this and will update further.

Part time/casual movement on the wage grid–  Effective February 5, 2017 part time and casual employees will move on the wage grid every 1650 hours worked.   There is no limit to only once per year.  Essentially an employee has the potential to move more than once dependent on the number of hours worked, however that should not occur frequently.   Once all of the wage and retro issues are completed, a review of the hours worked as of February 5 will be review to see if there are any employees that meet the 1650 hours.

However, seniority remains at 1950 hours equaling 1 year.

Sick leave-  Just a reminder that the 6th and subsequent incident language begins April 1 2017 .

Maternity/Parental Leaves–  this is being reviewed for any employee that is on Maternity/Parental leave and is not receiving the 84% top up or the percent in lieu for part time folks.

The Union and Employer will be meeting again on March 21st and April 10th to review any outstanding issues and I will update you further.

Just a reminder of the Q&A sessions next week. (For dates and times, please click here)

Again, there will not be a formal presentation, but just an open forum for anyone to come and ask questions on the new Contract.

Thank you for your patience

In Solidarity

Marisa Forsyth

Staff Rep.  Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Windsor Office

3005 Marentette Ave Suite 130

N8X 4G1

WRH/OPSEU 101 Information Sessions for the New Contract

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Please find  the remaining articles that, along with the Arbitrated Award, become the Collective Agreement.

For the  remaining articles please click here —>Agreed to Items

The Agreement is a 2 year deal which extends from April 1, 2014 and expired on March 31, 2016.

Notice to bargain has already been filed with the Employer and that process will begin at some point down the road. More communication on that process will be posted once we are ready to begin.

In the meantime  we ask that your review the attached document so that you are aware of any/all changes.  To assist you with this, I will be available along with team members to answer any questions you may have.

In order to do this, we have set 4 evenings aside to answer your questions.

In order to facilitate such a large group, we have broken the evenings up into the various groups that you were in prior to this new Contract.

The sessions will be from 5 pm until 7 pm each night and will be at the OPSEU office located at 3005 Marentette Avenue ( just behind Devonshire Mall). 

Drop by with your questions and one of the team or I will be happy to answer them for you.

Monday March 20th—For members previously in the Lab Xray group – Unifor- Met Hospital

Tuesday March 21st– For members previously in the OPSEU Local 142 group- Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Ouellette Campus)

Wednesday March 22nd– For Members previously in the Unifor Pharmacy Tech group and the Non Union group at the Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital ( Ouellette Campus)

Thursday March 23rd-For members previously from the OPSEU Local 143 group Windsor Regional Hospital (Met Campus)

Again, these are for you to drop by with any questions you may have and you are not required to remain for the full 2 hours.  There will be no formal presentation, but simply to answer any questions.

As well, I would like to update you with the following information;

Wage increases– are targeted to be on or about the March 10th pay .  Retro will follow within a few pay periods after that.  Since both processes are quite complicated, every attempt is being made to ensure accuracy.  However, if after you receive your increase or retro payment, you have any questions you can forward them to myself, at or Sharon Morris at and we will get an answer to you as soon as possible keeping in mind that there are numerous issues that still need to be implemented, so your patience would be greatly appreciated.

Benefits—Benefit changes were effective on March 1st, however it will take a couple of months for Green Shield to move everyone into one group in their data system.  Please keep any receipts that you have from March 1st with regard to benefit coverage and send into Green Shield for reimbursement.  Further information will be forthcoming.

Vacations–  Due to the fact that the award did not come down until February, and the fact that vacation planners/processes had already begun, any changes to vacations will not take effect until 2018.  The new Vacation Planner process will begin in January 2018 and changes to vacation entitlement, lump sum etc will be in the 2018 vacation year.  Therefore the vacation process for this year will remain intact.

Holidays—For those that had Easter Monday as a holiday, this year this will now be a ‘business as usual” day and instead you will have Remembrance Day as a holiday effective immediately.  If there are any issue that arise with regard to the upcoming Easter Monday, please let your steward or contact me so that we can try to resolve the issue

Schedule changes—As the changes to schedules including the equalization of hours, rotation through shifts etc,  is complicated, we will first need to determine the best possible time to start this.  We are in the process of determining current schedule practices and attempting to set a date as to when we will begin the new process in all areas.  Further information will be forthcoming once we have finalized this.

Again, I thank you for your patience and support as we make our way through the implementation of this new Collective Agreement and look forward to answering your questions at the sessions.

In Solidarity,

Marisa Forsyth

Staff Rep.  Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Windsor Office

3005 Marentette Ave Suite 130

N8X 4G1


Negotiations Updates

Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare



HDGH and OPSEU Local 101 went to arbitration on June 8/16  and both parties made their submissions to the Arbitration Board.

The Arbitration Board consists of Arbitrator Stephen Raymond, Union Nominee, Larry Robbins and the Employer Nominee, Patricia Balfour. 

The Arbitration Board met on September 28/16.  We will now await Arbitrator Stephen Raymond’s binding decision.  Once he makes his decision, it will be reviewed by the Nominees in order for them to submit their comments before the decision is released publicly.

Windsor Regional Hospital

Both campuses

On October 4&5/16 The OPSEU Local 101 (WRH) negotiating team met with OPSEU Research officer Marc Casey. 

These two days were used to begin to prepare the Union’s brief for the pending arbitration on November 21st.  

This negotiating team worked very hard on your behalf.  Thanks to Michele Buchanan, Richard Baillargeon, Frank Foote, Celia Bell, Susan Bohnert-Hamelin, Joe McQueen, Nicole MacKinnon and our Negotiator Marisa Forsyth.