Windsor Regional Hospital-OPSEU Local 101/ Arbitration Award

Sisters and Brothers,

Please see the Arbitration Award for the new Collective Agreement.  The Award deals with all of the outstanding issues that we could not agree to at the table. This will now be put together with the items that were agreed to at the table which will then form your new Collective Agreement.


For the Award please click here —>Arbitration Award Windsor Regional Hospital/OPSEU 101


First, I would like to thank the Bargaining Team for all of their hard work, dedication and strength as we worked through each and every issue.  This was not an easy task, nor was this a normal round of negotiations.  A big thank you to ;

Frank Foote

Nicole Mackinnon

Susan Bohnert Hamelin

Joe McQueen

Richard Baillargeon

Michele Buchanan

Celia Bell

Next steps.

First and foremost, I am asking for your patience as we work through putting all of the changes in place.  The first step is ensure that those being moved onto a new wage grid are placed appropriately.  This will need to be done before any retro pay will be able to be processed.  I will be meeting with Human Resources on Friday February 17th to begin the process of getting the wage grids in place and ensuring members are placed on new grids as per the Award.  This will take some time but the sooner we can get this done, the sooner the payments can be made.


There are many more changes that will need discussion on implementation of changes and dates when that will occur.   Once we have details in place,  information meetings will be announced so that we can then have answers to your questions and we can educate you on changes within the Contract.


As you can imagine, there is a lot to do and so I am asking for a little more patience as we work through this as quickly as we can.  I ask that you please not contact the Payroll department or Human Resources as they will not have the answers, and numerous calls to them will only hold up the process.  As soon as information has been confirmed, I will then get that information out to you through the Stewards and the Local 101 website.  Keeping an eye on the website will be a good practice over the next few weeks.


As well within the next couple of weeks, I will be meeting with the Team and the Stewards to review the new Contract and next steps.  In doing so, this will help the Stewards answer some of your questions and as well pass on some questions back to us.


Again, I thank you for your patience and understanding and ask you to stand by as more information will be forthcoming.


In Solidarity,


Marisa Forsyth

Staff Rep.  Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Windsor Office

3005 Marentette Ave Suite 130

N8X 4G1

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