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Negotiation Update- Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare

The OPSEU 101 Negotiating Team and Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare have a contract arbitration scheduled for June 8, 2016.

There are still Labour Day Gift Cards to be claimed…

Gary Van Nest President, OPSEU Local 101, will be distributing the remaining Labour Day Gift Cards* on the following days:

September 29, 2015  Cafeteria  Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital, Tayfour Campus 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

September 30, 2015 Cafeteria Windsor Regional Hospital, Met Campus 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

October 1, 2015 Cafeteria Windsor Regional Hospital, Ouellette Campus 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

(There are still 46 members who have not yet claimed their gift cards)

For a list of the Winners of this year’s gift cards, please click here


*Unclaimed gift cards will be forfeited back to the Local.



ONA Wins Landmark Influenza Vaccine-or-Mask Grievance


The Ontario Nurses Association has won a landmark influenza or mask grievance.

For further details, and to read the award, please click here.

Labour Day Gift Card Distribution

garyGary Van Nest, President of OPSEU Local 101 will be available at the following times/locations, for the Winners of this year’s Labour Day Draw to pick up their cards. (Please bring your Identification badge.) 


 Sept. 14   11:30 – 1:00 in the  WRH Ouellette Campus cafeteria.

Sept. 14   1:30 – 3:00 in the WRH Met Campus cafeteria.


Sept. 15   2:00 – 3:00  WRH Met cafeteria.

Sept. 15   4:15 – 5:15  OPSEU  Regional Office. (3005 Marentette Avenue Suite 130 Windsor ON)


Sept. 18   12:30 – 1:30 HDGH cafeteria.

Sept. 22   3:30 – 5:00 OPSEU Regional Office. (3005 Marentette Avenue Suite 130 Windsor ON)

Region 1 Weekend Educational October 17-18, 2015


There will be an OPSEU Region 1 Weekend Educational which will be held on October 17 and 18, 2015.

All OPSEU Local 101 members are eligible to apply.

For details and course descriptions, please click here.

OPSEU Local 101 – 2015 Labour Day Gift Card Winners

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Happy Labour Day from OPSEU Local 101!


Please find below the 101 Winners of OPSEU Local 101’s Annual Labour Day Gift Card Draw*


1.    Jenna Peltier- WRH

2.    Janet Frederick- HDGH

3.    Jasmine Brzoska- HDGH

4.    Rose Loscher- WRH

5.    Lauren Merritt- WRH

6.    Louise Lafleur- WRH

7.    Brenda Hunt- WRH

8.    Andrew Lombardo- WRH

9.    Jennifer Beausoleil- WRH

10. Pamela Golish-WRH

11. Joseph Pignanelli-HDGH

12. Logaraaj Karalasingam-WRH

13. Jene Xin Ying Chen- WRH

14. Kerry O’Neil-WRH

15. Anhthy Vu-WRH

16. Kimberlee Kourtsidis-WRH

17. Alexander Reidel-HDGH

18. Donna Keegan- HDGH

19. Kelly Gomer- WRH

20. Krislyn Schiefer- HDGH

21. Erika Denzinger- WRH

22. David Nadalin- WRH

23. Elaine Haas- WRH

24. Donna Serifi- HDGH

25. Shari Tosic- WRH

26. Janice Thomas- WRH

27. Anne MacIntyre- WRH

28. Sarah Renaud- HDGH

29. Zoe Solet- HDGH

30. Andrea Golob- WRH

31. Lisa Greenwood- WRH

32. Jenna Renwick- HDGH

33. Christine Suzor- WRH

34. Misty Katona- WRH

35. Melanie Houchen- WRH

36. Sharon Letourneau- WRH

37. Sally Bratt- WRH

38. Dawn Fenton- WRH

39. Pawel Kita- WRH

40. Stephanie Beneteau- HDGH

41. Amanpreet Chana- WRH

42. Carla Milevski- HDGH

43. Stephanie Meloche- WRH

44. Sean Purton- WRH

45. Giuseppe Colella- HDGH

46. Katerina Clancy- WRH

47. Dora Donlon- HDGH

48. Rosemarie Stephen- WRH

49. Giselle Hillman- WRH

50. Christine Cervi- WRH

51. Donna Pilutti- WRH

52. Stephanie Shaw- WRH

53. Jessica Cadotte- WRH

54. Megan Maheson- HDGH

55. Connie Grossett-WRH

56. Ian Taylor- WRH

57. Christopher Desimone- WRH

58. Shirley Lee- HDGH

59. Jennifer Brzozowski- WRH

60. Lidia Yrigoyen-Dacruz- WRH

61. Lisa Ruthven- WRH

62. Sheila Zangari- WRH

63. Daniel Balcomb- WRH

64. Rodolio Beltran- WRH

65. Greg Feys- WRH

66. Bozena Kolanska- WRH

67. Lisa Siimes- WRH

68. Robert Angus- WRH

69. Brendan Docherty- HDGH

70. Brenda Bartosek- HDGH

71. Alice Nishizaki- WRH

72. Jeff Liebrock- WRH

73. Lucia Tintoi- WRH

74. Ivanka Vanschaik- WRH

75. Erin Balyo- WRH

76. Julie Laing- HDGH

77. Stephanie Slaught- WRH

78. Claudia McCarton- WRH

79. Kristina McClelland- WRH

80. Nadia Rennert- HDGH

81. Jonathan Leung- HDGH

82. Jennifer Cipkar- WRH

83. Michelle Knezic- WRH

84. Nancy Hannon- WRH

85. Denise Desbien- HDGH

86. Maciej Jaglarz- HDGH

87. Cheryl Singer- WRH

88. Amy Zanetti- WRH

89. Jackie Sauerwein- WRH

90. Margaret Leblanc- WRH

91. Joanne Reaume -WRH

92. Nancy Joan- O’Brien- WRH

93. June Reid- HDGH

94. Morena Gjecovic- HDGH

95. Shawna Williams- WRH

96. Dominique Hart- HDGH

97. Paulette Meseck- HDGH

98. Katherine Renaud- WRH

99. Laurie Masse- HDGH

100. Krista Skiba- HDGH

101. Jessica Bauman- WRH


*Times and Locations of Gift Card distribution will be announced later this week.

OPSEU Local 101 Negotiations Update (Windsor Regional Hospital)

update (1)

Contract negotiations continue for OPSEU L. 101 members (Employer-Windsor Regional Hospital). 

The negotiating team last met July 13th and 14th

Progress is slow even with a Conciliator involved.

Please keep in mind this is building a new contract for everyone not just “tweaking “ an existing contract.

 The team has had aNo Board Reportissued by the Conciliator which is required to allow the arbitration process to begin.

We can continue to negotiate even through the process of securing an Arbitrator.


Negotiations continue with the Employer and our next scheduled negotiation dates are Sept 14th and 16th .

Those dates will be followed by further meetings Sept 29th and 30th which are scheduled with the Conciliator, the Employer and the Union.

In solidarity,


Michele Buchanan

1st vice President OPSEU L.101