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Lobbying for Pandemic Pay


Hope this email finds everyone still safe and healthy. As you know, the Ford Government announced a $4/hour pay increase for several weeks during the COVID Pandemic to “frontline workers”. Many of our OPSEU classifications have been overlooked. Everyone from OPSEU has been working diligently to get clarification and expansion of the list of workers that are eligible. For this fight we need everyone’s support.

A letter from the Chair of the Hospitals Division of OPSEU, Sara Labelle, was sent to the Premier, Doug Ford, requesting him and his administration to broaden the eligibility of the members initially excluded from the frontline list.

Below you will find email addresses and a sample letter. We ask that each and every one of our Members send their MPP an email to help push in this fight.

Please do this in solidarity of those who may not be on that list of frontline workers, but should be. Even if your classification is on the list, stand together and support your fellow Union Brother or Sister, who is working alongside you every day. 

In addition, if your profession is not on the frontline workers list, you may contact your professional association and request that they send a letter to the Premier and Health Minister advocating for your inclusion. 

As this is a timely issue, please write these letters as soon as possible! 

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay together. Stay tuned for updates. 


In Solidarity,



Click on the link below and enter your postal code to find your MPP and their email address:

Send your letter to your MPP and Cc: Doug Ford, Premier, and Christine Elliott, Health Minister.

Premier Ford

Minister Elliott

Dear (insert MPP name here) ,

I am writing as a (insert profession here) who is working on the front line of COVID-19 at (insert employer/hospital here). It appears that myself and my colleagues were overlooked in the pandemic premium announcement as it was outlined in the media backgrounder. According to your release the pandemic payment is “in recognition of the dedication, long hours and increased risk of working to contain the COVID-19 outbreak”. I am asking you to include myself and my colleagues in the pandemic premium.

(insert a little information about your profession and what you do)

I have needed to wear personal protective equipment every day, I have worked extra hours. I have put myself and my families lives at risk. I have sacrificed a great deal to fight COVID-19 shoulder-to-shoulder with the entire health care team and am happy to do so.

I am sure it is an oversight to not list us, but it is causing tensions in the health care teams in hospitals and, frankly I am very hurt and upset. I am asking you to fix this as soon as possible.

Thanking you in advance,
cc. Right Honourable Doug Ford, Premier
     Honourable Christine Elliott, Minister of Health


Here is the OPSEU head office website with info on writing letters:

Pandemic pay for all frontline healthcare workers