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Oct 27th is World Occupational Therapy Day!

OPSEU local 101 is proud to celebrate Occupational Therapy Day and our team of dedicated Occupational Therapists.

World OT Day 2020

Occupational therapists, often called OTs, are the primary providers of occupational therapy services. OTs are:
  • university educated professionals that apply their specialized knowledge and skills to recommend a course of preventive or corrective action that will help people lead more productive and satisfying lives,
  • trained to understand not only the medical and physical limitations of a disability or injury, but also the psychosocial factors that affect the functioning of the whole person – their health and their wellness, and 
  • a regulated medical profession; occupational therapists must be registered with their provincial regulator in order to practice legally in Canada.

Occupational therapists work in a variety of settings including: home and community, institutions (including hospitals), industry, business and government.  

Watch the video below to learn more about OTs and the valuable work they do 🙂


Oct 25 – 31 is Respiratory Therapy Week

OPSEU local 101 is proud to celebrate Respiratory Therapy Week and our team of dedicated Respiratory Therapists.

Working across Canada’s healthcare system, respiratory therapists provide essential care to patients of all ages. They are highly trained health professionals dedicated to providing the best possible cardio-respiratory care by staying at the forefront of all available research and technology.  They use their expertise in the assessment and management of respiratory diseases, in patient and family education, and in the resuscitation and stabilization of critically ill or injured patients. Respiratory therapists work in hospitals, in clinics and in the community to help members of your community breathe easier.

This year, more than ever, our health care system is relying on respiratory therapists. As frontline workers, they have been tirelessly providing care to those infected by COVID-19. The nature of their role and the care they provide requires them to be work alongside critically ill patients, often performing life sustaining procedures at the patient’s head – the most infectious region for providing patient care during a respiratory pandemic.

Respiratory therapists have also played important roles behind the front lines of the pandemic. They have been instrumental in preparing at every level: advising government, mobilizing supplies, designing pandemic ventilators and adjusting protocols to best function under the parameters of this new, highly contagious infection. And, they have continued to provide essential care to a wide range of patients across our health care system who have not been afflicted by COVID-19.


Learn more about the Respiratory Therapist profession!

Oct 18-24 is Spiritual and Religious Care Awareness Week

OPSEU local 101 is proud to celebrate Spiritual and Religious Care Awareness Week and our team of dedicated Chaplains.

Spiritual and religious care is about listening, clarifying and offering spiritual direction to those in need. When one is scared, lonely, confused, angry or disillusioned, spiritual and religious care providers offer counsel and support.

Across Canada thousands of dedicated spiritual and religious care providers of all faiths work in specialized settings such as hospitals, long term care facilities, correctional facilities, mental health centres, and facilities for people with developmental disabilities. OPSEU Local 101 celebrates Chaplains and the important role these fellow union members play in our hospital.


Check out this video to learn more about the Chaplain profession: