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Attention all OPSEU 101 members!

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

18:00 via Zoom Videoconference

(Zoom link will be sent by email)

This should be a quick meeting as we just need to approve the budget and do a couple quick announcements. Thank you for supporting your local! 


All those that tune in to the Zoom meeting will be entered into a draw for several $50 gas cards!


Nov 23 – 29 is National Kinesiology Week!

OPSEU local 101 is proud to celebrate National Kinesiology Week and our team of dedicated Kinesiologists! 


Kinesiologists are human movement specialists. These specialists are also a resource for those who are struggling with problems like anxiety, depression, mental illness, diabetes, back pain or blood pressure problems. Kinesiologists can design a personalized training plan and thus improve their clients’ health. They work in a variety of roles in health promotion, sports training, rehabilitation, occupational health and safety, ergonomics, disability management, research and sports medicine. 


Watch this video to learn more about how kinesiologists help their clients: 

Nov 8 – 14 is Medical Radiation Technologist Week!

OPSEU local 101 is proud to celebrate MRT Week and our team of dedicated Medical Radiation Technologists! #MRTWeek2020


MRTs deliver professional imaging and radiation-related treatment services with a caring touch, allowing patients to fully benefit from the latest in medical diagnostic and treatment technology. 


Here’s a great video that describes the MRT professions and how they are integral to the pandemic response…check it out!