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Opseu Local 101 was created after the realignment of Hospital services in Windsor in 2013.

It is essentially the merger of the Allied Health Hospital Professionals of the former OPSEU Local 142 (Employer Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital) and OPSEU Local 143 (Employer Windsor Regional Hospital).

The Local Executive Committees of both Local 142 and Local 143 saw this as an opportunity to combine the locals into a larger unit which also provided the new Local with a President whose role would be full-time.

OPSEU Local 101 is a composite Local in the Ontario Public Service Employee’s Union. A composite local is comprised of several different bargaining units/employers.

OPSEU Local 101 has two bargaining units; Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare and Windsor Regional Hospital and our membership is comprised of over 900 Allied Health Hospital Professionals.

OPSEU stands for Ontario Public Service Employees Union of which there are five constituent parts: The Broader Public Service (BPS) made up of hundreds of government-funded agencies and organizations; The Ontario Public Service made up of staff who work directly for government ministries; The CAAT Academic (representing all college faculty); CAAT Support(representing all college support staff); and the LCBO employees.

OPSEU Local 101 is part of the Broader Public Service (BPS).

OPSEU is divided into 7 regions. OPSEU Local 101 is in Region 1 which covers South Western Ontario from Windsor to Goderich and Woodstock (see map below)















Our Region 1 Executive Board Members are:


Laurie Nancekivell, L. 116 Regional Vice-President

Jennifer Van Zetten, L. 162 EBM

Geoff Cain, L. 160 EBM