WRH/OPSEU 101 Information Sessions for the New Contract

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

Please find  the remaining articles that, along with the Arbitrated Award, become the Collective Agreement.

For the  remaining articles please click here —>Agreed to Items

The Agreement is a 2 year deal which extends from April 1, 2014 and expired on March 31, 2016.

Notice to bargain has already been filed with the Employer and that process will begin at some point down the road. More communication on that process will be posted once we are ready to begin.

In the meantime  we ask that your review the attached document so that you are aware of any/all changes.  To assist you with this, I will be available along with team members to answer any questions you may have.

In order to do this, we have set 4 evenings aside to answer your questions.

In order to facilitate such a large group, we have broken the evenings up into the various groups that you were in prior to this new Contract.

The sessions will be from 5 pm until 7 pm each night and will be at the OPSEU office located at 3005 Marentette Avenue ( just behind Devonshire Mall). 

Drop by with your questions and one of the team or I will be happy to answer them for you.

Monday March 20th—For members previously in the Lab Xray group – Unifor- Met Hospital

Tuesday March 21st– For members previously in the OPSEU Local 142 group- Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital (Ouellette Campus)

Wednesday March 22nd– For Members previously in the Unifor Pharmacy Tech group and the Non Union group at the Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital ( Ouellette Campus)

Thursday March 23rd-For members previously from the OPSEU Local 143 group Windsor Regional Hospital (Met Campus)

Again, these are for you to drop by with any questions you may have and you are not required to remain for the full 2 hours.  There will be no formal presentation, but simply to answer any questions.

As well, I would like to update you with the following information;

Wage increases– are targeted to be on or about the March 10th pay .  Retro will follow within a few pay periods after that.  Since both processes are quite complicated, every attempt is being made to ensure accuracy.  However, if after you receive your increase or retro payment, you have any questions you can forward them to myself, at mforsyth@opseu.org or Sharon Morris at smorris@wrh.on.ca and we will get an answer to you as soon as possible keeping in mind that there are numerous issues that still need to be implemented, so your patience would be greatly appreciated.

Benefits—Benefit changes were effective on March 1st, however it will take a couple of months for Green Shield to move everyone into one group in their data system.  Please keep any receipts that you have from March 1st with regard to benefit coverage and send into Green Shield for reimbursement.  Further information will be forthcoming.

Vacations–  Due to the fact that the award did not come down until February, and the fact that vacation planners/processes had already begun, any changes to vacations will not take effect until 2018.  The new Vacation Planner process will begin in January 2018 and changes to vacation entitlement, lump sum etc will be in the 2018 vacation year.  Therefore the vacation process for this year will remain intact.

Holidays—For those that had Easter Monday as a holiday, this year this will now be a ‘business as usual” day and instead you will have Remembrance Day as a holiday effective immediately.  If there are any issue that arise with regard to the upcoming Easter Monday, please let your steward or contact me so that we can try to resolve the issue

Schedule changes—As the changes to schedules including the equalization of hours, rotation through shifts etc,  is complicated, we will first need to determine the best possible time to start this.  We are in the process of determining current schedule practices and attempting to set a date as to when we will begin the new process in all areas.  Further information will be forthcoming once we have finalized this.

Again, I thank you for your patience and support as we make our way through the implementation of this new Collective Agreement and look forward to answering your questions at the sessions.

In Solidarity,

Marisa Forsyth

Staff Rep.  Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Windsor Office

3005 Marentette Ave Suite 130

N8X 4G1


Pasta Dinner Fundraiser

Rosemary Simmons is a OPSEU Local 101 Member. Her 11 year old son Scotty is currently fighting kidney cancer. A  pasta dinner fundraiser is being held to assist him in his courageous battle. Please support Scotty in his current challenge. For more information please see the flyer below. 


January 20 Meeting Minutes and Election Results

101 Logo








The General Membership Meeting of January 20, 2016 and election results are now posted on the www.opseu101.org website.

To view the minutes, please click here.

Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare Recognizes OPSEU 101 Steward Stephanie Robinson



Social Worker Stephanie Robinson, MSW, has been working as a service coordinator at the Regional Children’s Centre (RCC) since 2010. Over the past five years she has helped countless families access the services they need for their child or youth experiencing mental health issues. Earlier this year, Stephanie was handed a case that was extremely severe. It involved an immigrant single mother (who didn’t speak English), and her children, some of which required treatment at the RCC. The children had experienced horrific violence and trauma before coming to Canada and are now dealing with post-traumatic stress symptoms. Stephanie’s job was to assess the family’s needs and coordinate services in the community and at the Regional Children’s Centre to meet those needs. She organized a collection of clothing, household items and food that was overwhelmingly successful and in the end delivered 17 bags and boxes of items to the family. She worked with community agencies to get the family language services, transportation assistance to appointments, and helped find them a family doctor with the Windsor Family Health Team. Stephanie introduced the family to a counsellor from the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre and therapists at the RCC. Even more, she arranged for them to benefit from the United Way Luncheon program which provided mom and the children with lunch when they came for their treatment here. When asked to comment on Stephanie’s involvement with this family, Kerri Ann Cowan, Manager of Intake and Service Planning at the RCC said, “Stephanie Robinson is the consummate professional. Each and every day at the Regional Children’s Centre, Stephanie is faced with challenging scenarios and families in need. Most recently Stephanie has done an exceptional job working with an immigrant family and coordinating their treatment needs. When this family required translation services, Stephanie found them. When the family struggled with transportation, Stephanie accessed rides for them to their appointments. She also provided the family with necessities such as food and clothing. What a perfect example of “Changing Lives Together”. Kudos to you Stephanie! I hope you know how much your work is valued and appreciated.” Stephanie said the family has been great to work with, and that they have made a positive impact on her. “I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with this family. They are a wonderful family, so grateful, polite, and thankful – they have made a difficult job easier just by their sheer resilience. The children are thriving here already, it is just amazing. They are now into sports, have joined clubs and are doing well academically –thanks to the great team we have working with them.” Thanks to Stephanie, our therapists at the RCC and our partners in the community are Changing Lives Together. (from the 2014/2015 HDGH Annual Report)

OPSEU Local 101 Member Rita Gidillini Recipient of the Youth Engagement Excellence Award

   Congratulations Rita! from OPSEU Local 101


(Originally published in Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare E-Connect December 2, 2014)

Labour Day Gift Cards

Gift cards will be available for pick up tomorrow (September 16th)  for those individuals who won a gift card in the Labour day draw.

The cards will be available at the OPSEU Regional Office from 4 PM to 9 PM at 3005 Marentette Ave Suite 130 (use back entrance after 5:00 PM)

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OPSEU 101 Member Dr. Bethany King interviewed on CBC Windsor Morning

Bethany Dr. Bethany King is a Psychologist at the Regional Children’s Centre at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare and an OPSEU Local 101 member

 She was interviewed last week on CBC Windsor Morning discussing Teen Self Harm.

To listen to this informative interview, please click here.

Local Vice President Speaks About Early Cancer Screening


OPSEU Local 101 1st Vice President Michele Buchanan was interviewed by CBC  Radio Windsor Morning Show.

  She spoke openly and candidly about her own personal experience of breast cancer and the importance of early cancer screening.

To hear the entire interview, please click here