Update on Central Bargaining Pharmacy Reclassification (Wage Rate)

Please see below for the latest update on the Pharmacy Technician Central Wage Rate Negotiation. We will continue to provide updates as we are provided with information. (Although OPSEU Local 101 is not a member of the Central Negotiations, we traditionally follow Central Wage Rates)


25.01 (b) Committee – Pharmacy Technician Reclassification Communication – November 2018

As directed in Arbitrator Diane Gee’s award, the parties met on November 6th in Toronto to negotiate the central wage rate for the Pharmacy Technician classification.

Unfortunately, the parties were unable to reach agreement.

Despite Arbitrator Gee’s ruling in her July 2018 award that a substantial change has occurred to the pharmacy technician role, it is the Ontario Hospital Association’s position that no increase to the current wage grid is justified. As such, we will be sending this issue back to Arbitrator Gee for decision.

We will be seeking dates with Arbitrator Gee immediately and will provide a further update once a date is confirmed.