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LMM ( Labour Management Meetings) occur monthly at the workplace. The purpose is for the Employer (Human Resources) to meet with the Union (Union President and LEC Member) and discuss any issues that may be impacting the workers. It is a forum to review, but not limited to, Operations, Programs and Policies, Health and Safety, New Programs, New Employment Opportunities, Implementation of the Collective Agreement. Additional resources may be called upon to attend the meetings from both sides depending on the topics of discussion.

  • January 13, 2020


Collective Agreements

WRH and OPSEU 101_ HLDAA Award dated Aug-25-2021

WRH – HLDAA Interim – Aug-23-2021

WRH Local 101 bargaining, combined agreed 2021


Arbitration Awards

OPSEU 101-Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare

OPSEU 101-Windsor Regional Hospital

Hospitals of Ontario Disability Income Program (HOODIP)

OPSEU’s Guide to the Hospitals of Ontario Disability Income Program



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2016 OPSEU Constitution