Message from OPSEU local 101 President

The days are evolving more rapidly than we can comprehend as of late. Even though we are a society that is constantly on the go and seemingly limitless, we have been humbled.

A microscopic enemy, invisible to the naked eye has brought our world to a grinding halt. The things that are not invisible are the reality that our health and lives are at risk in this current environment. There have been questions regarding work status, quarantine requirements, PPE, general operations and as we have seen, things can change in less than 24 hours. In responding to all of your correspondence and in order to be impactful with this message, it seems prudent to address everyone collectively at this time.  Although information continues to change, it is at somewhat of a plateau. Our Employer has engaged the Union and other Unions in co-ordinated responses and collective decisions in handling the challenges we are facing. This information is available to everyone on the Hospitals Intranet system and can be accessed via WRH Intranet at COVID-19LINK under “Staff Updates” and via HDGH Intranet at

The Employer’s commitment with the Union is to continue to work collaboratively in order to overcome this situation. The only way we can overcome this is to be on the same page. The lines may be a little blurry at this time, but as long as everyone keeps each other’s best interest at the fore front we will be successful in beating this. The Union is working very closely with the Employer to ensure the well being and safety of its Members.

We as OPSEU Members and Health Care Workers, at both WRH and HDGH sites, are being asked to step up to the plate. The days ahead are full of fear, unknowns and will be tireless. To date we have come together and supported our fellow workers, families and friends with professionalism and bravery. As your Local President, I can say I am privileged to represent each and every one of you.

The coming days and weeks will continue to demand everything we have. With potential continuing confirmed COVID cases, potential increase in illness amongst staff, family and the general public, we may be asked to give even more of ourselves and we need to be prepared.  We need to be efficient, we need to be smart and we need to be safe all at the same time. A seemingly daunting task, but with the support of the Union, the Administration and the Community, we will, and we must come out as a whole, on the other side of this pandemic. Continue to reach out to myself, any of the LEC or your stewards for support. We will try to answer all of your questions and concerns as they arise.

Continue to be brave.

Continue to be safe.

In solidarity,


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