WRH Negotiation Update

Hello OPSEU L.101 Members,

The Negotiating team wanted to update everyone that we have met several times with the Employer working toward a new collective agreement.  (The current Collective Agreement expired March 31,2016.)

We are meeting with the Employer again in April and will continue to provide updates as to our progress.

Michele Buchanan

1st V.P. OPSEU L. 101

Negotiations Updates

Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare



HDGH and OPSEU Local 101 went to arbitration on June 8/16  and both parties made their submissions to the Arbitration Board.

The Arbitration Board consists of Arbitrator Stephen Raymond, Union Nominee, Larry Robbins and the Employer Nominee, Patricia Balfour. 

The Arbitration Board met on September 28/16.  We will now await Arbitrator Stephen Raymond’s binding decision.  Once he makes his decision, it will be reviewed by the Nominees in order for them to submit their comments before the decision is released publicly.

Windsor Regional Hospital

Both campuses

On October 4&5/16 The OPSEU Local 101 (WRH) negotiating team met with OPSEU Research officer Marc Casey. 

These two days were used to begin to prepare the Union’s brief for the pending arbitration on November 21st.  

This negotiating team worked very hard on your behalf.  Thanks to Michele Buchanan, Richard Baillargeon, Frank Foote, Celia Bell, Susan Bohnert-Hamelin, Joe McQueen, Nicole MacKinnon and our Negotiator Marisa Forsyth.