WRH/OPSEU Local 101 Collective Agreement and Retroactive Payments Update

This is a message from Sharon Morris Director of Human Resources and  Labour Relations for Windsor Regional Hospital.

This an update on the implementation for the new collective agreement wage increase retroactive payments following the release of the WRH OPSEU interest arbitration award.


Retroactive payments for wage increases:


The new wage rates have been in the pay system and the next step that we have been preparing for is the payment of the retroactive amounts. This payment is scheduled to be made on the pay deposit for April 27, 2017.  There were many steps that had to be taken from a system point of view to prepare the retroactive payments and this process was complicated by the number of different bargaining groups that had to come together into one new wage grid.  I want to thank everyone for their patience while we have worked through this process and to also thank those in Finance that had to work on this detailed project. There are currently six hundred and twenty two (622) OPSEU employees but there were a significant number (close to 100) more staff who transferred to HDGH or resigned or retired whose payments also had to be calculated.


The paystubs will be released on Wednesday April 26.    Staff should see two pay stubs: the first one will be their regular pay stub with their regular weekly earnings plus showing a line for the retro amount.  There is a second pay stub for the retro payments showing the particulars of the retro pay.   The first pay stub for regular wages is sent in the morning and this must be sent in one email file for all 4000 active employees for the Hospital.  The second paystub is sent over the course of the day as the retro paystubs cannot be sent in the same file as the regular pay stubs.    Wait to see both paystubs before you ask questions please.   Your coworker may get their second paystub before you get yours.   They are sent in batches and so please be patient on Wednesdayfor that detail to come to you.

I do want to indicate however that there is only a limited amount of space on the paystubs for retroactive details and deductions made so you may have questions particular to your own calculations.       I  also acknowledge that there are some staff with some questions about their wage grid placement and we are working through some individual issues.

If you have questions about either your wage grid  placement or your retroactive payment amount  please email those to me.   Do not call payroll as they will not have the details necessary to answer your question.  Those questions will be coordinated through me.     

 Other changes for the collective agreement increases.

For the benefit changes we are working with Greenshield on those changes.   We are planning for an open enrolment period for benefits in May.   Details on that will be sent to the union representatives and then a general communication will come out as we have a number of other union groups doing the open enrolment at the same time.

There are changes relating to on call,  stand by and payment for holiday work for part time  that will also have some retroactive increases to the date of the award and those are not  yet calculated on this retroactive payment.  We are targeting to have those changes calculated retroactively to the date of the award to be paid for the first pay deposit in June.

If you have any questions please let me know.  Thank you again for your patience while this work is in the process of being completed.  Sharon Morris





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